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Doctors agree that while women shouldn’t expose their babies to THC, there is little or no evidence to show that CBD has any negative effects on a breastfeeding baby. The US state of Colorado legalized medical cannabis in 2001 and recreational cannabis in 2012.

What The Science Says About Using Cbd While Breastfeeding

Most of the women who smoked marijuana postpartum also used it during pregnancy. A study of women taking buprenorphine for opiate substitution during pregnancy and lactation found that 4 of the women were also using cannabis as evidenced by positive urine screens for THC between 29 and 56 days postpartum.

As such, the demand for this substance has been enormous and a lot of people across the globe are now using CBD oil as a treatment for their health issues. While CBD has been proven effective and safe to consume, it is not for everyone. Some people should not use CBD for some sensitive circumstances such as breastfeeding and pregnancy. The foremost important thing to establish is the use of CBD during pregnancy and breastfeeding has not been fully researched yet. The existing science about cannabis use during breastfeeding and pregnancy is largely concerned with cannabis-derived products.

One infant was exclusively breastfed and the other 3 were mostly breastfeeding with partial supplementation. Infants had no apparent drug-related adverse effects and showed satisfactory developmental progress. In a pilot study, 8 women who reported used marijuana during pregnancy and had positive urine screens at the time of delivery provided milk CBD oil samples 2 to 3 times weekly for 6 weeks postpartum. All participants reported abstaining from marijuana use for 6 weeks postpartum and all had detectable THC in breast milk throughout the 6-week study period.

Here’S Everything You Need To Know (But Were Too Afraid To Ask) About Cannabis And Breast Milk

The general notion says that marijuana use can be typically dangerous for pregnant women, and without more research about CBD, it isn’t worth taking the risk. There is still plenty of debate when it comes to CBD and pregnancy, as well as CBD and breastfeeding, and we’re just starting to see scientific studies being published on the subject. So, if you’ve used hemp products or CBD oil while you were pregnant or breastfeeding, we would love to hear your personal story. While most studies on nursing mothers and marijuana have focused mainly on THC, it is apparent that, if ingested by the mother, THC and CBD are transmitted into the baby via the mother’s breastmilk.

  • As well as the essential function of stimulating an infants appetite, cannabinoids in cannabis breast milk also help to calm and relax the baby.
  • Crystal Cain used medical marijuana during her pregnancy on the advice of her midwife, she says for anxiety and nausea.
  • The exposure to cannabinoids via consumption of milk and dairy products, resulting from the use of hemp seed-derived feed materials in particular is unlikely to pose a health concern.
  • In fact the evidence supports a beneficial effect from eating these animal products.

While there is no established and published research about this, experts say that it is not wise to put the health of babies at risk. Experts wisely believe that cannabinoids can be passed through the breast milk to children which can result in some negative side effects to babies. It is not a good excuse to take that there is no strong study or research about the health risks of using CBD while breastfeeding. More than anything else, the safety and health of the babies should be the number one priority. Over the years, there have been several studies about CBD oil claiming that it has numerous and various health benefits such as the best cbd oil for pain.

A cross-sectional survey conducted in Colorado in 2014 and 2015 found that both prenatal and postnatal cannabis use were associated with a shorter duration of breastfeeding. Among women who reported using cannabis during pregnancy, 64% breastfed for 9 or more weeks compared with 78% of women who did not use cannabis during pregnancy. Among women who reported postpartum cannabis use, 58% breastfed for 9 or more weeks compared with 79% of women who did not use cannabis postpartum. A study using a database of 4969 postpartum women found that those who reported using marijuana were more likely to smoke cigarettes, experience postpartum depressive symptoms, and breastfeed for less than 8 weeks. Tobacco smoking is known to decrease the duration of breastfeeding, so the effect of marijuana is not clear.

Cbd In Breastmilk

As of now, the majority of CBD products are classified as supplements—not medication—which means they aren’t regulated by the FDA. In general, there’s still a dearth of research on the safety and efficacy of CBD, and this is only compounded for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding due to the lack of clinical trials. Some medical professionals do not recommend the use of CBD while breastfeeding.


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