Fletcher Quimby is among the a couple deuteragonists from Good


Fletcher Quimby is among the a couple deuteragonists from Good

Letter.T. Ranch. He’s good 14 year old visual genius and you may dilettante, skilled in all media also paint, statue, and drawing. The guy found Chyna on her first-day at Webster Higher, and very quickly turned into the girl friend. not, he deeply created close attitude for her even after its relationship. Fletcher has difficulties keeping their smash a key as he constantly has adding her for the his artwork. Fletcher got over the woman in the event, and just have old Olive (whom the guy stated that the guy enjoyed better and you may confessed their love for) since unwelcome nevertheless they break up (temporarily) from the ny experiANTs when Fletcher should go on to Nyc to-be a form of art resident. Fletcher is depicted by Jake Short.


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4 Trivia5 Relationships5.step 1 Chyna Parks (best friend/ex-girlfriend/you to big date)5.dos Olive Doyle (best friend/ex-girlfriend/crush)5.3 Kumiko Hashimoto (ex-girlfriend)5.cuatro Violet (previous buddy/admirer)5.5 Paisley Houndstooth (friend/crush)six Gallery


Fletcher are a keen excitable, accident-prone, and you can imaginative son with a beneficial cheeky sense of humor. Despite the fact to be collision-susceptible, he has a great discomfort endurance level ( PatANT Pending, Ballet DANTser, TrANTsferred. ). They have the brand new tendency to be slow-witted every so often, for example when he does, odd some thing to have their family members such plunge toward rubbish just as they do not need to, which will be tend to named stupid, but not, he is able to be some cunning and you can devious from time to time. If in case he’s ashamed otherwise will not know what to express, the guy either pretends becoming frozen, thinking that no person can come across him. He or she is and additionally hated by many people toddlers to be an one.N.T., just like the he was struggling to enter a bar except the newest you to definitely with only Chyna’s brother, Cameron, on it, the finish Hunger Now Club. He’s yet not friendly to help you anyone, also individuals who don’t like your. He’s and additionally will depicted since timid. His sweet, and never the new wisest personality allows you for all those to make use of your but if you make him crazy your should not fool around which have your.


During the TransplANTed, Chyna believes one Fletcher is actually carrying a dead body, that’s in fact an excellent beeswax statue. Olive mocks him of the stating he’s got so you’re able to practically “make friends.” Fletcher then explains that he is an artist and you may they are firming the whole class off beeswax because a job. Chyna comments they are gorgeous, and Fletcher eventually tells Chyna you to definitely this woman is gorgeous, coming the lady out. Then he corrects himself claiming her music’s beautiful, even if he has never read her gamble. Very to flee an unpleasant time, the guy pretends he could be a statue. Afterwards, when basic-several months concludes and you will Angus score caught on the flooding off young ones throughout the college or university, Fletcher states they have to get back to own your, thus Olive slaps him upright. In tunes category, particular big babies content his enter a tuba, so Chyna punches engrossed to help you take him aside. At Chyna’s domestic, Fletcher arrives dressed in a businessman getup, that have a high hat and you can spectacle to match because an attempt to appear more mature. When Chyna’s dad comes home early, Fletcher produces wax numbers of your about three of those so they really is sneak out and you may see Lexi’s cluster, however just before the guy techniques striking towards Chyna’s twice. From the group, he pretends that he is a beneficial magician so you can attract Paisley and soon after accidents with the stereo, nearly ruining new team in advance of Chyna performs. The very next day, whenever Chyna states they need much more wax rates, Fletcher states these are typically currently done, coming Chyna aside once again, very the guy corrects themselves claiming they’ll be complete after which acts for example a statue once again.

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